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Pharmacology is the study of the effects of drugs on living organisms where a drug can be broadly defined as any chemical substance, natural or synthetic, which affects a biological system.

Studies may involve gaining knowledge of the mechanism of drug action, drug toxicity, the use of drugs as tools to delineate biological processes during health and disease, identification and validation of new cellular targets for drug action, and the design and development of new drugs. Because of its scope, pharmacology is an inter-disciplinary science employing experimental approaches from many other scientific disciplines. Major research of the faculty is in the areas of toxicology, neuro-pharmacology,cardiovascular Pharmacology, retinopathy, inflammation, obesity, aging and gene therapy. Extramural research support is provided from, private and industrial sources.

Career choices in pharmacology & toxicology

Students who have studied Pharmacology as Natural Scientists can embark on a wide variety of careers.

  • Basic or applied biological and clinical research in Universities and other institutions,
  • Drug development in the pharmaceutical industry, and
  • Academic contributions.

The department has state of art laboratory and maintains a separate animal house. This facility is one of its kind in this region of Gujrat

Animal House

Vision: Humane care for experimental animals as per the standard guidelines.

Mission: To provide animals for biomedical research or testing which has specific aims to advance practical aspects of new drug discovery and disease management.

The College has a CPCSEA recognized (Reg. No. 1103/PO/abc/07/CPCSEA) central animal house facility. The animals are housed as per the standard guidelines. Restricted entry is maintained with access control system and monitored by CC TV camera.

The maintenance condition of our animal house has gained it the status of 'standard animal house' which has attracted many top pharmaceutical industries and institutions to carry out their research projects using our animal house facilities. Well-equipped animal experimentation laboratories are situated adjacent to the animal house. Experiments on mice, rats, rabbits and Guinea pigs are routinely carried out with a prior approval from the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC). The Committee comprises of eminent scientists and veterinarians along with a nominated member from the CPCSEA.

The Committee members meet frequently in a year and strictly monitor the need and necessity of the animal experiments

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