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M. Pharm in Quality Assurance

India has been duly recognized as one of the leading players in the global pharmaceutical sector and rapid growth and development in this sector will offer ample opportunities for those holding M.Pharm and Ph.D degree.

The concept of Quality Assurance is one of the most important aspects of drug development in any pharmaceutical industry where highly qualified pharmacy professionals are regularly required. Quality assurance is both a state of mind, and an understanding of the regulations and guidelines relating to the development and manufacture of quality medicinal products. Additionally, it also includes all clinical trial operations (Good Clinical Practice) and safety/toxicology studies (Good Laboratory Practice).

The Scope of Quality Assurance

The QA performs into four major areas Viz: Quality control, Production, Distribution, and Inspections.

Any deviation from the written production and process control procedures which are followed in the execution of various production and process control functions shall be reported investigated and recorded by the quality control department.

Deviations from the established time limits for the completion of each phase of production shall be justified and documented by the assurance department

All the activities involved in the manufacturing process, in-process quality control (IPQC), bulk testing and validations shall be approved by the QA department.

It ensures the arrangements made for the manufacture, supply and use of the right starting and packaging materials.

Quality improvement plans, validation, regulatory compliance and technology Transfer.

Review of stability data and shelf life of products.
Periodic GMP and GLP training to personnel at all levels of the organization.

Carrier opportunity

Quality assurance is a wide ranging of concept covering all the matters that individually or collectively influence the quality of the product. In view of the vital role played by QA, the pharmaceutical industries constantly in need of professionally qualified, competent and skilled workforce to lead the industry.

Thus pursuing post graduation in Quality Assurance creates a plenty of opportunities to work in Pharmaceutical industries both in India and abroad.

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